What does the name “UBumm” mean?

It’s pretty simple: University students, Bumming around the world! We feel our stickman logo represents the free-spirited nature of study abroad students bumming around the world on a budget!

What is UBumm?

UBumm is the first truly integrated web and mobile platform where the study abroad community, from universities and program providers to students, is truly connected.

After nearly eight years of living abroad, UBumm co-founders Emily & Maryann realized that as students, effective and fast communication with their universities was very difficult. It was necessary to use multiple platforms and devices to receive simple messages, from emails and event notices to safety alerts. What was missing was one single platform to connect students with both the university/program provider and their fellow colleagues. This platform would ideally incorporate integration with today’s popular social media, such as Facebook and Whatsapp. Today, this is where ubumm is headed.

What features does UBumm Include?

  • 1. Risk Management Features

  • Alerts Notifications
  • Send Real-time Alert Notifications
  • 2. Administrative Features

  • Administration University
  • Access to Analytic Reports
  • Calendar View of Upcoming Events
  • Add real-time notifications
  • Categorize the level of your alerts by urgency
  • Upload and Share Important Documents such as handbooks, cultural guides, emergency cards, and more!
  • Share Study Abroad Related Job and Internships
  • Use the Notes Feed to share important reminders, class updates, photos, videos, or links
  • 3. Social Features

  • SocialFeatures
  • Notes Feed – Share reminders, general information, photographs, videos, etc.
  • View the interactive events map
  • Communicate with multiple programs on one platform (i.e. Students going to Italy, Students going to China, etc.)
  • Add events (orientations, meet-and-greets, etc.)
  • 4. New Features Coming Soon!

  • Emergency Check-in Feature
  • Statistical Analysis

How much does UBumm cost?

UBumm will always remain free to student users. For more information on university/program provider account setup, please visit our pricing page.

How can I sign up?

Please complete the registration form here. Upon completing this form a UBumm representative will reach out to you to schedule a demo, discuss the needs of your office, and review the a potential pricing plan with you.

We are happy to provide more detailed information on the questions below, or answer any other questions you may have, upon request. Please submit your questions to info@ubumm.com or through our contact form.