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Connecting the study abroad community at home and abroad.

Connect at Home & Abroad

Ubumm is a unique web-based social platform designed for study abroad administrators and students to communicate in real-time. Ubumm provides interactive features that allow administrators to share study abroad documents, safety information, alerts, and push notifications instantly to students. The exciting features of Ubumm also allow students to interact and share information about events, job and internship opportunities and, in the future, roommate requests, specific to the location of their study abroad experience.

Features that we offer

Send Real-time Alert Notifications

Access to Analytic Reports

Calendar View of Upcoming Events

Upload and Share Documents

Job & Internship Board

Notes Feed for Sharing News

Adding and Sharing Events

Communicate with Multiple Programs

Ubumm’s support comes full-circle by providing administrators the ability to track and analyze data to determine the effectiveness of their communication with students, such as event participation, the reader rate for documents, alerts, and notifications sent, and the overall performance and success of the administration’s engagement with students during the pre-departure, on-the-ground and post-return experience.

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What does the name “UBumm” mean?

It’s pretty simple: University students, Bumming around the world! We feel our stickman logo represents the free-spirited nature of study abroad students bumming around the world on a budget!

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